Blake Bjorn Gets Dirty

Blake Bjorn took a 2 hour plane ride just to have some time on my casting couch. I whisked him to my living room right off the plane and started talking to him about his sexual affinities. This otter-in-training plays games with his friends that sometimes end up in sexual adventures. Lately, Blake’s been trying his hand (and mouth) at oral sex with men. He says he’s never had a complaint, when it comes to his cocksucking skills. Since this scruffy guy keeps giving my crotch the eye while I’m interviewing him, I decide maybe I’ll give him a chance to show me his oral skills on little ol’ Dirty Tony. He grins when I make the offer and immediately begins wrestling with the buttons on my fly, fighting to get at the swelling that’s making my jeans so tight. He immediately goes to town, slurping and slobbering his way to stardom. He’s eagerly showing me his technique. But I want to see how hot his body is. I pull off his shirt to reveal a slight muscularity of young man just in the beginning stages of bodybuilding. When tell him to drop trow, I can see his thick, curved dick is starting to swell and point away from the natural pubic bush. He’s going to town on my knob, giving me one of the best blow jobs I’ve ever had on camera, when I can’t contain the rising tide in my nuts. He tilts his head back and sticks out his tongue, awaiting the cum explosion he’s earned. As I fire my pistol into the back of his throat, he gags slightly, but he keeps his mouth wide open; so as not to miss a drop. Unfortunately, I don’t have full control of my hose and I miss my mark; coating his face, forehead and hair with my white sperm trails. He smiles at me, grateful for the warm cum dessert he’s just received. He leans back on the couch to massage his own massive cock now. As he begins to explode, he looks directly at me, cum squirting onto his stomach. He smiles again and tells me he can’t wait to see what’s next.

Watch the full video at DIRTYTONY

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