“The Poolboy” Nick Moretti & Cole Parker

We have been getting a lot of emails since we launched ManHandled about the Poolboy scene. Letting us know that it’s one of your favorites on the site. Many of you have asked if there was more to the scene. We took everything that you wrote to us about and re-edited the scene.

We added more content to the scene as well as gave you more close ups as if you were there. We also made some changes to the quality of the scene and I really think that you’ll like this version much better.

There are some rough camera edits that we had to leave in, but I think that it will give you a sense of a more real, not scripted look.

Watch the full video at MANHADLED

I know most of us like to complain at times about our boss constantly riding our ass, but when Cole Parker says it, he‘s not kidding! Nick Moretti’s fed up with his pool boy’s constant absences and shitty work ethic when he does bother to show up, so he decides to teach his employee a lesson in discipline. Or maybe its several lessons. I guess it depends on if you’re counting them by the number of Cole’s whimpers – or well, you get the idea. And Cole definitely gets the idea as well – but being shoved to your knees and having Nick Moretti’s monster tool shoved down your throat generally helps with that. From there, Nick shows his formerly straight poolboy how to best service his needs – critiquing his cock sucking, kissing, and more – all while keeping Cole on a short leash. By the time Nick’s ready to fuck, Cole’s firmly put in his place, enough that when Nick commands his boy to back himself onto his rock hard cock and fuck his own ass, Cole knows better than to do anything but comply. Cole’s not quite quick enough when it comes to licking up their cumshots at his boss’s command though – so he’ll probably need a few more lessons in follow-through. Same time next week, maybe? I know I’ll be here….

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